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Zimbabwean Film 'Another Wedding?' To Premiere On DStv’s Zambezi Magic

‘Another Wedding?’ is a romantic drama which features some up-and-coming and veteran actors from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe including Precious Makhulumo, Sarah Mpofu and Memory Kumbota. The film is set to premiere soon on Zambezi Magic (DStv Channel 160).

The hour-long film is set in Bulawayo and is about Bonke Dlamini, a single, career woman who is conflicted over society’s expectations of women who are in their late 20s.
Luckily for Bonke, she meets her dream man who is equally hard working.
However, right in the middle of her romance with her knight in shining armour, another woman shows up, and the story takes an interesting turn.

The film was recorded over one month and is based on a story written by Zimbabwean writers Peacemore Manhanga, Ntombikamama Moyo, Anita Malumisa and Pure Chinyakuza through a collaborative writing process called Collabowriters. Collabowriters is a relay writing initiative where different writers take turns to pen one story.

The Zimbabwean movie was directed by Willard Nyandoro and produced by Kudzai Chikomo. It showcases fresh, new on the acting scene in the form of rookie actors Calvin Madula and Charmaine Mudau.

Kudzai Chikomo said that Another Wedding? is a thought-provoking love story which will hopefully teach viewers about how to forgive in the midst of betrayal and hurt.
The producer said they were currently waiting for Zambezi Magic to schedule the film’s premiere date.

Award-winning poet Albert Nyathi supported the film and said that it is an exciting love story told by new voices. He said that the movie captured his imagination.

Christopher Mlalazi, one of the Scriptwriters, said that the story explores the challenges of romantic relationships in modern times and the expectations of society and parents.

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