NCC Announces That 60 Million Nigerians Will Enjoy Broadband Internet

The Executive Vice-Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Prof Umaru Danbatta has announced that sixty million Nigerians will now enjoy broadband Internet.

Danbatta made this announcement at a conference on National Broadband Plan hosted by the Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria in Abuja recently.

The Executive Vice-Chairman also revealed that the telecommunications regulatory agency had started working together with the National Broadcasting Commission on the utilisation of TV White Space to deepen the nation’s broadband penetration even further.

TV White Space which is being supported by Google and Microsoft refers to unused broadcasting frequencies that are in the wireless spectrum.

According to Tech Republic, television networks leave spaces between channels for buffering purposes, and these gaps in the wireless spectrum are similar to what is used for 4G, and so they can be used to deliver widespread broadband Internet.

Danbatta said that the execution of the commission’s road map had at this point resulted in a satisfactory 30.9 per cent broadband penetration since November 2018.

The NCC boss said that even though broadband penetration had increased tremendously in the last five years, most of the country’s rural communities had yet to receive broadband coverage as their dominant technology and 2G networks remained in such areas.

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