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Rwanda To Launch Its First Telecom Satellite

Rwanda is preparing to launch its very first telecommunications satellite which will be sent out into orbit from the international space station.

The operation is in accordance with the agreement inked last year between the Japanese and the Rwandan government on Space Inclusion in Africa.

Before the rollout, the Rwandan government has already sent six young Rwandans to Japan for training.

The areas that are most emphasised are in the fabrication of local satellites specialised on the acquisition of weather data and which could further be used as Earth Observations for purposes of Agriculture.

This partnership between the two governments is executed and guided in association with the Japan Space Agency (JAXA), an organisation that is guaranteeing that this race to space becomes a success and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

A prototype model of the Rwandan satellite was first showcased in May by the Rwanda-Japan group of experts at last year's Transform Africa Summit in Kigali, where over 100 Japanese companies demonstrated their cutting edge satellite technologies.

The satellite will most probably be launched from the International Space Station (ISS) into the orbit before 2019’s Transform Africa Summit which is scheduled to occur annually in Rwanda in the month of May since its introduction at the Summit’s Launch.

The launch of the satellite will see Rwanda join the list of a few countries in Africa that have also placed their devices into orbit.

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