Monetisation Opportunities For Live Streaming Platforms In Africa

Riding on the explosion of the mobile/smartphone market penetration, live video streaming has experienced a tremendous expansion of both social media and traditional mobile platforms. The live streaming field is one that is growing at a very fast pace. Video production, video technologies, video streaming and viewing platforms are all changing rapidly.

Live video streaming is ranked higher and has surpassed saved video viewing in many quarters. This is largely due to the convenience associated with being able to view a favourite channel or game as it is being recorded from any device or platform.

Globally, about 25% of internet users reportedly watch an online video every day. This percentage is set to rise as internet access increases and more users have access to high-speed 4G cellular networks. This paints the picture of the type of revenue that can be generated if a significant share of this market is targeted and responsive.

Live streaming platforms are reviewing the way their streaming service is monetised. One of them is Facebook, which is currently considering testing commercial viewing via live stream.

There are other avenues available to generate revenue from live streaming services. Avenues like renting out or selling the broadcast content. There is also pay-per-view access where viewers are charged a premium or flat-rate for accessing your live stream. Other avenues are data monetisation which is operated by collecting data on viewers and selling this data to content creators and third parties.

Sponsorship from businesses providing services around your broadcast is another way to generate revenue from live streaming. Not leaving out avenues like premium sponsored content, advertisement, viewership subscription which are all excellent ways to monetise and generate revenue from live streaming.

Live streaming platforms usually comes embedded with APIs (Application Programming Interface) to ensure a quick and easy integration of the product into the numerous cloud-based video applications, services, and digital media workflows.

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