Surfline Increases Its 4G LTE Footprint In Ghana

Ghana’s front-running 4G LTE internet service provider, Surfline Communications Limited, has finally decided to expand its network coverage.

Surfline has announced that it is increasing its footprint in Accra and that it plans to add more locations to its network in order to further extend its reach. Already, many more sites have been covered in Surfline’s latest upgrade to deliver fast internet service to its customers.

The internet service provider issued a statement saying that in keeping to their commitment to offer affordable and super-fast internet service to every business and household in Ghana, Surfline was excited to announce that its 4G LTE network coverage had been extended to 93 more locations, all in Ghana’s Greater Accra Region.

Previously under-served areas in Ghana such as Kwabenya, Ayikai, Oyarifa, Abokobi, and Agbogba will now experience Surfline’s efficient 4G LTE service.

Surfline Communications Limited opened its doors in 2011 with the intention to provide the best quality wireless broadband connectivity to the Ghanaian market. The National Communications Authority (NCA) granted Surfline a Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) license in 2012.

When Surfline was launched it immediately become Ghana’s first 4G LTE company and also the leading and largest LTE ever installed in Sub-Saharan Africa with world-class strategic partners such as Microsoft, IBM, Alcatel Lucent and Huawei.

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