South Africa: MultiChoice Confirms That Showmax South Africa Is Not Going Anywhere

The recent news that Naspers is shutting down Showmax video streaming service in Poland on 31 January 2019 has raised some questions in the industry about the company’s sustainability.

Showmax first widened its reach to Europe in February 2017 when it added Poland to its list of markets. At the time, former Google executive Maciej Sojka was managing the operation.

Although Showmax gained a following in Poland, Naspers said that it would no longer be a good fit strategically for the company after the MultiChoice Group is unbundled from Naspers.

The closing of Showmax Poland shows speculators that the service was likely not unprofitable. This is a factor that has raised concerns about Showmax’s future in South Africa and other countries.

The spokesperson of MultiChoice Connected Video, Richard Boorman told MyBroadband that the decision to shut down Showmax Poland has no impact on the future of Showmax whatsoever.
He explained that Showmax Poland had been separated from Showmax Africa when they launched MultiChoice Connected Video in late 2017.

Even though Showmax Poland has come to the end of its journey, the Showmax development team in the Czech Republic – which is the force behind Showmax tech stack – remains in operation.
The Showmax platform also has different content layers for different regions.
One content layer is for Africa, one for Poland and another one for diaspora services that are available in countries like New Zealand, Australia, USA, UK and Canada.

Boorman said that in essence, the only change to the business at this point would be the closure of Showmax Poland.
He added that all the various Showmax services in Africa would carry on operating as before, and it will also be business as usual for the diaspora service as well. MultiChoice’s Connected Video manages both entities.

The positive assurance from Showmax comes just as streaming platforms gain extreme popularity internationally, taking even previously loyal pay-TV users away from their existing services.
In more developed markets like the US, pay-TV subscribers are leaving their providers by the masses to sign up for Netflix and Showmax.

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