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Key Players Set To Chart The Future Of Africa’s OTT Content Streaming And VOD Services At Industry Forum

Market and Industry Intelligence platform, Broadcast Media Africa (BMI) and the Southern Africa Broadcasting Association (SABA) are confirming that key executives will converge for the  Industry Forum On OTT Content Streaming And VOD Services in Johannesburg, taking place on Tuesday 5th – Wednesday 6th February 2019 at The Radisson Blu (Gautrain) Hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa.

As broadcast and telecoms services become converged, the focus is now squarely on how all value-chain stakeholders can work closely together to take broadcast content into the internet and mobile-first media ecosystems.

According to the organisers from BMI and SABA, the industry forum on OTT Content Streaming And VOD Services is set to bring together key industry players, broadcasters and media houses, telecoms operators, content publishers, platform owners and advertising agencies from all across Africa to discuss and share ideas around the rapid growth of content streaming, OTT TV and Video-on-demand service provisioning in Africa.

Mr Benjamin Pius, Publisher of Broadcast Media Africa (BMI)  The Industry Forum On OTT Content Streaming And VOD Services has received considerable interest from senior professionals and organisations in the broadcasting, telecoms and advertising industries.


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