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Ethiopia: Kana TV Reinforces Its Commitment To Local Content As Media Reform Increases Competition

Ethiopia’s new Government Communications Minister, Ahmed Shide announced at the end of 2018 that the country could expect legislative and institutional improvements.
He declared that the reform of media and communications would be one of the Ethiopian government’s high priority sectors.

Alongside the reform process is the opening up of the media market to a selection of new private broadcast stations. State-owned stations such as Fana and EBC now face stiff competition from Ethiopian Broadcasting Service (EBS), Nahoo TV, LTB, Kana TV, JTV and most recently Arts TV.

Kana TV is the joint effort of Moby Group and a group of known entrepreneurs in Ethiopia. The local vehicle for Kana TV is BeMedia, a wholly Ethiopian owned entity that is Kana TV’s exclusive media production company. Moby Group is the operating and technical partner.

With its offering of entertainment and drama, the satellite broadcaster Kana TV became one of Ethiopia’s most watched channels, according to a GeoPoll survey.

Minister Ahmed Shide said that to meet the government’s local content quota of 50%, it has erected Kana Production Studios, which has hosted live concerts and many other large-scale events in the country.

The growing number of channels means that advertisers will have more business and the Government Communications Minister is confident that the advertising market will grow.
Shide said that if the reforms go as planned, the economy of Ethiopia will grow as opportunities for the private sector expand.

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