Vodafone Prepares For Q2 4G Rollout In Ghana

Vodafone Ghana has announced plans to start rolling out 4G services all across the country in the second quarter of 2019, after its successful bid for Ghana's second 4G license.

This puts the company toe-to-toe with MTN (which received its 4G license in 2016) and also puts extra pressure on Glo and AirtelTigo who did not participate in the 4G spectrum license auction.

Vodafone's 4G services will be rolled out using the 2x5 MHz in the 800 MHz band that the telecoms company received from the country’s regulator, the National Communications Authority (NCA).
According to the NCA, the licence cost Vodafone US$30 million.

Vodafone Ghana’s CEO, Yolanda Cuba, described the company's move to purchase the 4G license as a strategic investment that would in the long term ensure that Vodafone stays ahead of its competition and is recognised as one of Ghana’s most innovative companies.

With the second 4G license having been issued to a telecoms entity in Ghana, Glo and AirtelTigo are the remaining operators who have not yet acquired a permit to deliver 4G services.

AirtelTigo's former CEO, Roshi Motman said that it would be a natural progression to acquire a 4G license, but as a company, AirtelTigo is more interested in obtaining a 5G spectrum because the world is headed towards 5G, so a 5G licence would bring more benefit to the telco than 4G, in his opinion.

 As far as Glo is concerned, US$30-million is way too much money to invest in a spectrum licence. Industry experts have also commented that the company's data market share of only 1.12% does not justify an investment of such exorbitant cost.
Glo has stressed that even though it is still operating on a 3G network, it still offers Ghana's most affordable bundles and highest data speed.

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