Unitel International To Make Waves In Zambian Market

UZI Zambia Mobile Ltd, an entity of the Dutch-headquartered and global Unitel International Holdings BV, is scheduled to begin operations in Zambia as from early 2019 as the country’s fourth mobile service provider.

Zambia’s Secretary of Communications, Misheck Lungu told The Southern times that the start of business by the company, initially operated in Angola, had been placed on hold since November this year in order to allow the company to formalise operating licenses, secure frequencies and facilitate the recruitment of more than 40 staff members.

Lungu said that UZI had informed the Zambian government that they would begin full operations in Zambia by the first quarter of 2019. They had initially intended to open up business in November, but they had instead decided to reschedule to January or February to allow themselves time to finalise a few formalities, including frequencies.

Zambia’s fourth mobile service provider has come as a response to the pleas of local service end-users for the government to offer them something fresh and new in addition to the existing companies, MTN, Airtel, and state-owned Zamtel.

Last year, UZI Zambia received the licence to enter the local market after the country’s telecommunications regulator, the Zambia Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ZICTA) offered a public tender.

According to economic experts, the UZI Zambia investment would be a significant contributor to the development and the growth of the telecommunications sector in the country through the implementation of the latest ground-breakingLTE technology to offer reliable and high-quality products and services through a national 4G network, and possibly investment in 5G network in the near future.

An independent trade and economic consultant, John Kasanga said that UZI Zambia Mobile would create new jobs and many other opportunities in Zambia and would also focus on the training and development of all its staff.

Kasanga added that UZI Zambia Mobile would also build relationships with the local communities through its social responsibility programmes.

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