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Kwese-iflix Promotes Local Content By Collaborating With Bustop TV

Kwese-iflix has joined forces with the media company, BusTop TV in bringing the comedy series, Comic Tick, to the Kwese-iflix platform.

Bustop TV had already aired the first season (which consisted of 10 episodes) of the comedy series Comic Tick without Kwese-iflix’s involvement.  But now Kwese-iflix is contributing by funding the production of the second season.

The founder of Bustop TV, Luckie Aaroni said that Bustop TV had been commissioned by Kwese-iflix to create content for their platform that would target the youth as they believed that comedy is among the most watched content by Zimbabweans online.
Bustop agreed, and so the concept of Comic Tick season 2 came into realisation.

This partnership is significant because Kwese-iflix has been seeking to promote the production, development and distribution of local content for quite some time now. Since its inception, Kwese had promised that it would get involved in the production of local material but until the days following Kwese TV’s collapse they were almost entirely silent about the issue.
At one point there was the launch of Kwese Vice (Kwese in collaboration with Vice Media) to produce local content, not only for South Africa and Zimbabwe but for the whole of Africa where they have viewership. That particular partnership never amounted to anything of significance.

Local content is usually a good investment to make because it is cheaper than international content and it resonates with the local market.

Bustop TV is already a household name in some African countries including Zimbabwe, so people already familiar with BusTop TV would likely be interested in using Kwese-iflix to watch shows that were introduced to them by BusTop TV.

By investing in Comedy Tick, Kwese-iflix follows in the footsteps of giant streaming and Video-on-demand platforms such as Netflix. Netflix does not only purchase content, but it now operates a movie studios of its own.

Econet Media also recently launched Kwese Studios which could elevate Kwese-iflix to a position where it is able to make its own films in a movie studio with all the filmmaking resources.

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