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Ghana Launches Health Channel For The Elderly In A Difficult Local TV Sector

The Managing Director of Itex Media Ghana, Michael Adjey Gyang declared in an interview with Balancing Act Africa that his media house was launching a new health channel.

Gyang is one of Ghana’s veteran broadcasting professionals and has previously worked with iflix, African Film and Music Company and Homebase TV.
He said that the idea for the channel came because there had been an influx of general entertainment channels, so these had become too ordinary.

The other reason for this channel was that it appeals to a specific group of viewers who are ageing and want to age well by learning about the healthy lifestyle changes that they can make to achieve that goal and enjoy their retirement.

The principal focus of the new channel is healthy living, a clean lifestyle and a wellness environment. Tumpaani TV was initially an FTA channel on a DTT platform, but now Gyang wants to commercialise it and says that they are selling advertising now and that the platform is licensed and running.

The Managing Director said that the channel would offer a combination of bought-in and original programming with its unique angle on things such as dieting, aerobics and weight loss projects. It would also offer programming on some of the country’s prominent diseases like diabetes and other chronic health problems.

According to media insiders, the new channel is being launched at a time when Ghana’s broadcast TV sector is in deplorable shape. Three of the largest broadcasters, Metro TV, TV3 and TV Africa have laid employees off because of the industry’s current financially unstable nature in Ghana.

Gyang believes that 40% of the country’s current channels will close in 2-3 years.
He said that there has been very little education in Ghana about the migration from analogue to digital broadcasting and that analogue was still a very prominent part of the lives of citizens.

Gyang confirmed that the switch-off analogue had not yet happened in Ghana.

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