Orange Is Constructing A US$6.6-Million Datacentre In Botswana

The French telecommunications multinational operator, Orange is planning the construction of a datacentre in Botswana as part of a 70-million Pula (about US$6.6-million) project.

Orange said that the datacentre should be completed by the end of 2019 and will connect a number of national and international networks. The project also covers the migration of the existing Orange equipment to the newly established datacentre.

Orange Botswana said that it would invest US$4.8-milliion every year on new equipment for the datacentre.
According to the telco, this will allow the facility to record the expansion of its primary network and information system.

The new datacentre is designed to cover over 81% of the population with 2G network capability, 62% with 3G network and 45% with 4G network.

Construction on the new building officially started on 3 December 2018, and the project has been given a 12-month timeline.
No external contractors have been named.

Another crucial component of the project is the establishment of a new disaster recovery site.
The President and CEO of Orange Botswana, Patrick Benon said that the disaster recovery site would enable the operator to seamlessly manage traffic and transactions.
He added that at the end of the project, Orange would be able to guarantee a sound business continuity solution for its network and services.
Benon also said that the migration process was very restrictive because the telco would have to make sure that there would be no interruption of service and that the migration would be transparent for all its customers.

Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi, the President of Botswana, said that the government investment would complement the private sector, such as Orange's infrastructure development.

He applauded Orange Botswana for its commitment to the country’s national development agenda.

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