Nigeria: NCC Says Three Million New Phone Lines Were Added In October

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has announced that in Nigeria active telephone lines increased from 162,058,918 in September to a staggering165,239,443 in October 2018.

The commission made this announcement in its Monthly Subscriber/Operator Data that was published on its website recently.

The regulatory body said that the number of lines increased by 3,180,525 from the 162,058,918 that was recorded in September.
It explained that of the 165,239,443 active numbers, the Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) network had recorded 164,865,417 in the month being reviewed.
The GSM network’s customers increased by 3,179,670 as compared to the 161,685,747 that had been recorded in September.

According to NCC, Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) operators had 126,032 active subscribers in October, hence, having a drop of 237 from the 126,269 customers it had in September.
It said that the Fixed Wireless Network had retained the 26,865 subscribers that it had in September.

The NCC declared that the Fixed Wired network had around 108,997 active users in October, showing a decrease of 1,796 from the 110,793 subscribers that had been recorded in September.

The telecommunications umpire said that the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) operators had approximately 112,132 active users in October.
It revealed that there had been an increase of 2,888 subscribers, compared with the 109,244 users the VOIP service providers had recorded in September.

It said the teledensity of the telecommunications sector in October was 118.03, giving an increase of 2.27 from the 115.76 that had been recorded in September.
Teledensity speaks to the number of active telephone connections per 100 inhabitants living within a specific area.

The teledensity was calculated using a national population of 140 million, according to Nigeria’s 2006 Census Population figures.

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