Logical Wireless Offers Satellite Broadband Services To Firms In Africa

Logical Wireless has signed a pan-African service agreement with Avanti Communications to offer connectivity services to businesses and end consumers situated in remote areas across Africa.

The South African-based satellite services integrator said that it would use Avanti’s new HYLAS 4 satellite for its coverage of sub-Saharan Africa, and it also promised to provide “cost-effective and reliable” internet services to regions that suffer from unstable or non-existent connectivity.

The Avanti partnership has been designed to allow Logical Wireless to offer telecom providers and carriers direct access to content platforms and cloud in Africa’s largest data centre in Johannesburg, making services cost-effective and more efficient for them.

Brenden Pronk, Avanti’s Sales Director for Southern Africa, said that this collaboration was yet another milestone in Avanti’s mission to help unleash the potential of people and businesses wherever it is that they are located.

Gavin Behr, the Managing Director at Logical Wireless, said that it was problematic in rural areas where no forms of terrestrial connectivity were available, but the wonderful thing was that the partnership with Avanti would enable Logical Wireless to deploy satellite broadband services that could be installed anywhere. It would also offer a robust communication and connectivity solution that would allow companies and individuals to conduct business as if they were located in a city.

Mining, construction and agriculture are some of the types of businesses that Logical Wireless is currently building a niche in, usually because they are situated in remote areas. Its VSAT offering on the Ka band frequency is a technology that is fairly new. This frequency provides high-speed satellite solutions of up to around 45mbps for corporate companies and 15mbps for individuals and small businesses.

Services are available throughout Lesotho, South Africa and Swaziland, and the company’s client base extends from Botswana and Zimbabwe to Malawi, Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique, Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon.

Current customers include African Rainbow Minerals, Conco, Armscor, DRD Gold, Firestone Diamonds, Assore, Mothae Diamonds as well as the farming community throughout the African continent.

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