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South Africa: SAFA Apologises For SABC TV Blackout

The SA Football Association (SAFA) has apologised to South Africa’s football-loving community for SABC’s fail to broadcast the Bafana Bafana vs Nigeria African Cup of Nations (AFCON) qualifier on Saturday, 17th November 2018.

The football body released a statement stating that SAFA had taken steps to seek a resolution to the matter between itself and the public broadcaster as early as the first week of November.

Safa said that it had made the SABC an offer to air the Bafana Bafana vs Nigeria AFCON qualifier and also the Nelson Mandela Challenge vs Paraguay by attempting to close a match by match agreement.
The statement reads that SAFA offered the SABC the rights of the matches for a fee of R10 million ($712 980.00 USD), but the SABC had declined this offer by SAFA.
SAFA said that it then took the initiative to decrease its fee request from the original R10 million ($712 980.00 USD) to R7.5 million ($533 737,50 USD). Again the SABC didn’t budge.

On the day of the match, discussions continued, and the SABC reportedly stated that it really wanted to broadcast this particular match, but it did not have any funds available. SAFA, again told the SABC that it was open to the negotiation of a payment plan so as not to disappoint the nation.

SAFA says the SABC failed to put this request in writing, yet just before the match, approaches were again made through the ministry of communications pleading with SAFA to allow the SABC to broadcast the game, and that the parties would resolve the payment structure afterwards. SAFA agreed to this and immediately authorised CAF/Supersport to release the feed to the SABC but was surprised when the match was ultimately not aired by the public broadcaster after all these efforts to come to an amicable resolution.

The SABC has in response released a statement saying that it had made a commercially viable offer for the rights of the matches but that SAFA had rejected that offer.
SABC spokeswoman, Neo Momodu said that it was unfortunate that SAFA and the SABC’s legal scuffle was now affecting the public. She did however assure South Africans that the SABC would continue to attempt to come to a fair agreement with SAFA.

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