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GRB Studios Inks Multiyear Licensing And Distribution Deal With Africa's Black TV

GRB Studios has signed a multiyear licensing and distribution deal with Black TV and will be joining forces with the African channel, led by the popular South African actor and producer, Thomas Gumede.

This collaboration aims to showcase Africa to the world.

Black TV is an African pay-TV channel broadcast via Starsat, South Africa, an extension of the Chinese satellite television provider StarTimes. The channel provides original African series, movies, documentaries, music, and non-scripted shows. Black TV contains more than 200 hours of programming from the GRB catalogue.

Gary R Benz, the founder and CEO of GRB declared that he was thrilled to have teamed up with Black TV because the Black TV OTT platform delivers both premium local content together with world-class international content through a web app, mobile app, web and website accessible across a wide selection of devices. Benz said that he couldn’t wait to share great content with the broadest audience possible.

On the other hand, Hemdee Kiwanuka, a principal of Black TV, expressed that he had known Gary Benz for more than 15 years and that GRB Studios’ stellar reputation for producing Emmy Award-winning programming with their catalogue of more than 3000 hours of content made them the ideal partner for Black TV.

In conclusion, Thomas Gumede added that he was over the moon about venturing into new territory with this historic move and that with a partner like GRB he was confident that Black TV would be a huge success. Gumede declared that content is king, and Africa is a vast untapped kingdom.

He said that this global partnership would allow for local content to compete with international content and would set a new standard as programming would be delivered to the whole continent and beyond that.

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