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New Free Streaming Platform With 100 Channels Introduced In South Africa

South Africans will be very happy to hear that they will now be able to access and enjoy FREE TV, something that they have never experienced before.

With over 100 channels of diverse premium content, TV2GO provides a unique user experience to enjoy their most favourite programs anytime, anywhere and on any device they choose.

TV2GO’s is packed with content lineup features documentaries, movies, fashion, gaming, kids channels and martial arts, which can be viewed on the SPI network of channels. In addition, the package also offers live streaming news channels from Africa News and Euronews and as well as numerous other independent thematic channels and live streaming of all the local radio stations.

This new initiative is headed by the current president of Infinivy SA and South Africa’s former football legend Mr Jomo Sono.

The technology company that is behind the user interface and platform, TV2GO brings to the table a game changer that promises to break the mold of the current traditional TV market in South Africa by delivering a FREE TV product for the first time ever.

Sono said that Infinivy’s primary goal is to bring FREE TV to the people. He also added that South Africans should brace themselves for this mind-blowing experience that will be delivered to them by TV2GO Free TV.

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