Nigeria: NCC To Regulate Internet Access With New Industry Code

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) announced that it has put together plans to establish internet industry code of practice to supervise internet access and services in the country.

NCC's Executive Vice Chairman, Prof. Umar Danbatta announced this at a recent Stakeholders’ Consultation Conference on the Establishment of Internet Industry Code of Practice held in Abuja, Nigeria.

Danbatta, represented by the Director of Legal Regulatory Services (NCC), Mrs Yetunde Akinloye, said that the code would define the rights and responsibilities of internet access service providers.

He said that the code would be a collaborative effort between industry stakeholders and the commission that would safeguard and protect minors, unprotected audiences and consumers as a whole.

Danbatta said that the code was initiated to ensure safety, security and to use the benefits of the internet for improved user experience.

He stated that cyber crimes had cost Sub-Saharan Africa between seven and 20 per cent of its GDP and added that it was vital to make the necessary changes to secure the country against such threats.

The Executive Vice Chairman declared that NCC had also taken into consideration other factors such as online child protection, privacy, data protection, objectionable content and even traffic management practices.

“He stated that there was a tug-of-war for either self-regulation or government regulation in repressive economies and that both had their advantages and disadvantages; therefore, Nigeria opted for a co-regulatory practice as this would be the best fit for the country.

On its mission to regulate the communications sector in Nigeria as stated in the Nigerian communication Act 2003, the NCC has set out to establish an Internet Code of Practice.
The President of the Nigerian Internet Group, Mr Destiny Amana was one of the stakeholders at the event. He said that internet fraud was one of the country’s most significant problems.

Amana said that all vulnerable users of the internet needed to be protected from online predators that are just lurking around and awaiting the opportunity to take advantage of an unsuspecting individual.

Another stakeholder, the Programme Manager of Digital Earth, Paradigm Initiative, Mr Adeboye Adegoke urged the commission to highlight the importance of judicial oversight instead of using phrases such as legal authority.

He explained that the main reason for judicial oversight would be to create a system of checks and balances.


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