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South Africa: Radio Host Aubrey Masango Ordered To Apologise For ‘Disrespectful’ On-Air Comments

The Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) has ordered 702 radio presenter Aubrey Masango to apologise for the disrespectful and belittling remarks he made to a caller during a broadcast in August.

The complaint at hand related to a discussion during the Late Night Talk Show‚ hosted by Masango‚ which was broadcast on August 6. The debate was around land expropriation without compensation.

 Pieter Greyling‚ the complainant had phoned in to give his opinion on the land question. According to Greyling, Masango twisted his words to say that the Khoisan people were lesser Africans.

Greyling says that Masango called him a liar and then later accused him of telling the Khoisan are lesser Africans‚ which Greyling denies having said. The complainant states that the incident hurt him and left him feeling frustrated and belittled, mainly because he was not afforded a chance to defend himself.

He added that it was rather disgusting that a radio host would humiliate another person like that and then lie in the process.

Greyling then sent Masango WhatsApp messages which went unanswered.

The BCCSA said Masango was "highly emotional"‚ interrupted Greyling and ended the call without giving him the opportunity to clarify his comment.

After hanging up on Greyling, Masango spoke to another caller and on that call he referred to  Greyling as an idiot, according to the BCCSA judgment documents.

Masango allegedly continued to discuss and insult Greyling for an hour after the call had ended.


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