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NBC Wraps Up Digital Mapping of Nigeria

The Director-General of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), Malam Is’haq Modibbo Kawu announced that the commission had completed work on digital mapping throughout Nigeria.

Kawu was speaking at the 12th Afro-centric Biennial Conference and Exhibition of African Broadcasters hosted by NBC, in Abuja.

The conference ran over three days, and the theme was “the Dynamics of Broadcasting in the Digital Era.”

The Director-General added that NBC planned to map out the population centres that could support access to most television homes.

He said that working out a realistic pricing rate for the signal distributors to charge the broadcasters would be an easy task.

Kawu added that because of the commission’s hard work, the digital television experience had now been brought to 25.4 million people in about 3.7 million television homes in Kwara, Plateau, Kaduna, Enugu, Osun states and FCT.

According to Kawu, NBC now had a better idea of how to combine all the components of the digital switch-over to achieve an outstanding broadcasting experience for the enjoyment of all Nigerians.

He expressed that the Nigerian process of migration from analogue to digital broadcasting had been wrapped up as they had finally finished working on a complete digital mapping of the entire Federal Republic of Nigeria; therefore, the switch-over was on the verge of taking off.

Kawu explained that this marked the completion of a significant part of transition process because now the signal distributors would be able to roll out the transmission facilities comfortably, with a vast knowledge of the topography and points of location of the transmission systems.

He said that NBC had put together an elaborate rollout timetable and a fixed timeline for Analogue Switch Off (ASO) for all of Nigeria.

According to him, this would mean that authorised Set Top Boxes manufacturers can now focus on working to produce enough boxes for approximately 32.5 television homes.

Kawu assured that NBC and its DSO partners that a public timetable would soon be presented to the Nigerian people.

In conclusion, he added that NBC was also working on launching a pilot project of PUSH VOD (Video-On-Demand) platforms in Kaduna and Abuja as part of an effort to improve and enrich the viewing experience that goes hand-in-hand with digital broadcasting.

He added that digital television would also be a platform for Nollywood and Kannywood to try to put an end to piracy.


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