Payette Supports The Operation of Communications Satellites In Nigeria

The Governor General of Canada and well-known astronaut, Julie Payette, said that Nigeria should continue to operate its own Remote Sensing and communication satellites to be able to share essential data that can assist in solving some intricate problems.

Payette was speaking during her recent state visit to Nigeria, at the National Space Research and Development Agency, NASRDA, in Abuja.

She advised that using both communication and remote sensing satellites in Nigeria would allow the country to gather data and distribute information about threats of natural disasters that may occur in the country with the aim of finding solutions to the problem.

The Canadian astronaut said that having a communication satellite and remote sensing capabilities in Nigeria would open doors to a lot of collaborations where different communities globally would be able to assist the country to tackle its challenges.

According to Payette, if there were to be a remote sensing demand on the ground because of the flood or natural disaster, all countries with remote sensing satellite would provide data for the authorities to use to tackle the emergency. Nigeria would benefit from being a part of that group.

She expressed that a project of this nature would inspire the youth to study science and technology and eventually become professionals and engineers.

Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, Nigeria's Minister of Science and Technology, agreed with Payette and promised that the Nigerian space programme would continue to advance and inspire young people.

He added that the government, was committed to the development of space research and they would ensure a master plan for NASRDA which would include having Nigerians go and explore space.

Onu also revealed that Nigeria had been cooperating with many countries, including Canada in the field of space research and development. He said that Nigeria aimed to deepen their partnership and relationship with Canada.


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