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BBC Africa Rolls Out A New Pan-African Business Show

BBC News Africa is introducing Smart Money, a new half-hour weekly magazine programme, across the African continent. The show will provide an extensive look at current money and business subject matter from across Africa. The show will also feature practical and meaningful financial advice from African businessmen and businesswomen.

Smart Money will air weekly, and each episode will show a team of expert presenters bringing diverse stories that focus on the economy, personal finance and entrepreneurship. The audience will be treated to inspirational success stories of the business world, the latest news on crucial money matters affecting African’s lives and advice for the individuals who are learning how to handle their own issues when it comes to their personal finances.

BBC News Africa Business Editor, Larry Madowo said that a programme of this calibre had never been seen or made before in Africa. Madowo was extremely confident that the audiences would immediately fall in love with the new show. He added that the production will have more African journalists reporting on African business than ever before and that it would be exciting to share their fantastic storytelling with viewers across the continent in English, and then in Swahili, Hausa and French.

Smart Money will be introducing ‘Biashara Bomba’ (Swahili) within the next few weeks. Viewers can also look forward to ‘Questions D’Argent’ (French and Hausa) next year.

The show will be broadcast on the BBC's channels, and on NTV in Uganda, ZNBC in Zambia, NTV in Kenya, SLBC in Sierra Leone and TVC News in Nigeria. French, Swahili and Hausa editions will be added over the upcoming months.

A new companion website is currently being put together. Extra content will be made available on that website, as well as on BBC News Africa’s YouTube channel and on BBC’s social media pages.


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