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SAFA To Fight The SABC All The Way Over Free-To-Air Airing Of Local Football Games

According to a report issued by the South African Sunday Times, the South African Football Association (SAFA) has announced that it will be going to Parliament to request that it not be forced to share Bafana and Banyana soccer games (South African national men and women’s teams) with the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), as instructed by Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA).

The report stated that because the two teams are representing the country as a whole, their games should be broadcast for free on the SABC channels.

SAFA does not agree with this and wants to put an end to it, so,  it and the SABC have been feuding over TV rights.

The SABC has offered to pay no more than R10 million for the soccer broadcast rights, while it is reported to be coughing up a staggering R235 million for Confederation of African Football rights.

SAFA said that it actually wanted R200 million a year for the Bafana and Banyana rights, but had been willing to compromise by renewing its old agreement of R110 million per year.

The R10 million offer, however, is nowhere near acceptable according to SAFA.

The report added that the local national rugby and cricket rights were R670 million and R200 million respectively. It further stated that the public could expect the PSL to also fight back against the SABC in the coming weeks.

The latest news on the showdown follows a report in August that the SABC was too broke to negotiate new Bafana and Banyana broadcast rights.

The SABC allegedly owed SAFA over R50 million for its previous broadcast contract, which ended in April 2018.

SAFA says that in the last two discussions that it had with the top leadership of the SABC‚ the public broadcaster had declared that they no longer had any money and therefore could not spend any more money as they were trying to be a responsible broadcaster.
It will be interesting to see how this matter unfolds as neither party is prepared to back down.


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