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SABC Tightens Its TV Licence Rules

In South Africa, the public broadcaster has decided to strengthen the regulations around TV licences.

The need for a TV licence now extends further than only presenting it when you purchase a new TV at a store or online. The public well knows that when purchasing a new TV one should have a valid TV licence present, or pay for one at the point of payment. The rules around second-hand TV sales or receiving a TV as a gift, have never really been publicised.

The SABC told MyBroadband that just as you would need to have a valid TV licence in order to purchase a brand new TV, you need to have one also when receiving a TV as a gift. When purchasing a second-hand TV from a dealer or a friend, a user must also have a valid TV licence.

The SABC has stated that TV licence fees are the second-largest source of income for the organisation; therefore, it has become necessary to increase the price and strengthen the collection of these funds in order to fund the public service mandate.

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