SES To Provides Global Direct Connectivity To IBM Cloud

SES Networks is enabling direct connectivity to IBM Cloud customers globally. SES Networks has announced that delivering an improved online experience to a broad variety of customers by utilising satellite-based connectivity.

With cloud adoption increasing worldwide, SES Networks has joined forces with IBM to ensure that upgrades and improvements are made on the IBM Cloud to provide excellent and efficient service to markets that have limited connectivity caused by unreliable or non-existent terrestrial networks. SES Networks’ O3b Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite network brings stronger and more proficient connectivity services to IBM Cloud customers.

The ground-breaking O3b constellation is currently the only non-geostationary satellite system that provides broadband connectivity with fibre-like performance.

The joint global initiative between SES Networks and IBM Cloud will enable them to build and run a broad range of applications and use cases for the digital space. Optimised loT and Al solutions, low-latency cloud services, dedicated private or remote connectivity and continuous emergency preparedness strategies are just some of the improvements that can be expected.

CEO of SES Networks, John-Paul Hemingway has expressed his excitement in collaborating with IBM Cloud and said that the O3b fleet was explicitly designed to improve on the connectivity levels of industry giants such as IBM Cloud and that is what makes the partnership so powerful.


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