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Nigerian Copyrights Commission Accuses TV Stations of Theft

After a surveillance visit to the transmission site in Kaduna, Nigerian Copyrights Commission (NCC) said there is a possibility that it might shut down ABG Communications and QQTV Digital Satellite Station because of piracy and illegal broadcast of foreign television contents without obtaining a licence from the Commission to do so in Nigeria.

Director of Enforcement for the NCC, Mr Augustine Amodu, led the visit and accused Managements of ABG Communications and QQTV Digital Satellite of wielding illegal broadcast outfits in Kaduna State and its surroundings. After the NCC performed vigilant surveillance and investigation, it was revealed that the content being transmitted by QQTV and ABG Communications rightfully belonged to Multichoice.

Amodu said that the Commission’s team visited the illegal transmission stations of QQTV Digital Cable Satellite and ABG Communications where various transmitting apparatus, antenna and dishes were mounted before its way to the companies’ headquarters along Ahmadu Bello Way. Amodu added that the Commission had received letters of complaints from some television stations overseas, especially EPI, Aljazeera, Bein Sports, Lalliga and Skysports, among others, accusing ABG and QQTV Satellite of pirating and stealing their contents.

A representative of the Multi-choice Company, Umar Ibrahim clarified that in the broadcast sector everyone has the right to purchase content but as soon as that content is bought by one company, that company then owns the rights to that material exclusively.

Should anyone else broadcast that particular content without the necessary permissions, this is viewed as illegal, and action must be taken in that instance.


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