Nigeria: NCC Introduces Spectrum Acquisition Palliatives To Encourage Emerging Telecom Operators

The Nigerian Communications Commission, (NCC) through the Executive Vice Chairman, Prof. Umar Danbatta, has disclosed that new measures have been approved to accommodate all telecom operators in the country.

According to the Prof Danbatta: "There are palliatives for spectrum, reduction and for payment for spectrum acquisition. The reason we are introducing palliatives by way of instalment payments is to spread these payments rather than compel operators to make a one time down payment for spectrum acquisition."

Commenting on access to modern communication in rural locations through the Rural Telephony project, Prof Danbatta said: "The commision is collaborating with stakeholders to deploy base transceiver stations in rural areas who suffer lack of access network services. We are conducting this process at the rate of about 10 per annum, and with the record, we have on access gap in the country, it will take NCC close to 20 years to close such.

Prof. Danbatta added: ‘"The rural populations do not have the  luxury of time to wait for 20 years before having access to telecommunication services and that is why we must seek innovative ways to close these gaps within a shorter time."

"Since technology is presenting itself as the best and for now only means to solve this problem in shorter time, we are partnering with organisations who have this technology in Nigeria to grow the deployment beyond the pilot, phase. It is forecasted that through rural technology solutions about 3-4 years is enough to bridge the gaps," says the NCC Executive Vice Chairman.

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