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South Africa: Government Kickstarts Review of Broadcasting Policy With SABC

The South African government has announced the commencement of the review of the country's public broadcasting policy with the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) to be reviewed first!

Among issues up for review are; the maintenance of a 3-tier broadcasting system knowing that there is no regulatory capacity to enforce such; ownership and control; supervisory capacity of the sector as well as the need to bolster Free-to-Air platforms.

According to the South African minister of Communications: "Our review process will commence with the review frameworks that govern the SABC. We have extended an invitation to stakeholders to submit issues for consideration concerning problems bothering SABC's mandate, funding model,  accountability measures licensing, and governance. The funding model issue, for instance, has been awaiting review for too long. We hope these discussions will finally help resolve the pending issues.

After the initial review process, a colloquium will be held in August 2018 where a report of the public submissions will be presented and the outcomes integrated into a broader policy review. These reviews will be published later this year giving the Cabinet ample time to approve it in the fourth quarter of South Africa's current financial year.

Mokonaye called for active participation of the sector in helping to create a new vision for the broadcasting sector in South Africa.

 To improve the performance and sustainability of SABC Mokonyane said: “We are working with the National Treasury to stabilise SABC's financial position so that it sort out its financial obligation. To achieve this, the public, need to pay their TV licence fees which will go a long way in boosting the funds of the public broadcaster.  The financial challenge is  an item we must resolve as we review the public broadcaster from medium to long-term."

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