Amazon Launches Cloud Services In Africa

Giant e-commerce company, Amazon has launched what it calls two new "Edge" locations in Johannesburg, South Africa and another in Bangalore, India with the aim of expanding its global CloudFront content delivery network (CDN).

To bolster digital infrastructure in Africa and Asia continents, the web and cloud services firm says the launched of the two new "Edge" locations will improve the performance and availability of Amazon's CDN services in the associated regions.

The deployment of "Edge" in Johannesburg is the first CloudFront point of presence (PoP) in the continent. Amazon has a total of 119 CloudFront PoPs worldwide, in 58 cities across 26 countries. According to Amazon in an online update about its CDN service, its expansion into South Africa "further improves availability and performance of content delivery to viewers within the region.

Amazon adds that: "We expect that customers who use Amazon CloudFront to reach viewers in South Africa will see improvement in performance of as much as 75 percent from the current latency they experience for their content. Apart from enabling improvements in the delivery of contents, the newly launched Edge locations would also offer the full benefits provided by Amazon CloudFront.

This cloud infrastructure strategy is the latest Amazon is applying in a series of infrastructure deployments conducted by cloud and webscale giants in Africa that will improve the availability and quality delivery of data and multimedia content.

Guided by principles of passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence and customer obsession rather than competitor focus, Amazon, American electronic commerce and cloud computing company founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 is considered the largest Internet retailer in the world.

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