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SES Reaches Thirty Million TV Homes Across Africa!

According to the Satellite Monitor study, world-leading satellite operator SES has expanded its reach in Africa and now delivers TV channels to 30 million TV homes in the region, broadcasting directly to satellite homes and feeding terrestrial networks.  

The Satellite Monitor is an annual market research study that provides valuable market insights on the broadcasting landscape and has been successfully conducted in various African markets such as Nigeria and Ghana since 2015. This year the survey was expanded with the addition of three African countries: Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

According to the study, SES has seen substantial growth in West Africa, with an increase from 3 million to 11 million TV homes in Nigeria, and from 2 million to 4 million TV homes in Ghana. The prime orbital position at 28.2 degrees East was a key driver for the growth of SES’s direct reach - this video position hosts SES’s premium free-to-air TV platform for Nigeria, giving broadcasters access to the highest technical reach in West Africa. The study also shows the expansion of digital TV in both countries, with 69% of homes receiving digital TV signals in Ghana (up from 40% in 2015), and 25 million digital TV homes in Nigeria (up by 35% compared to 2015).

The results of the study reveal that SES transmits TV channels to 2.7 million TV homes in Uganda (reaching 67% of TV households), and 3.3 million in Tanzania (reaching 60% of TV households). Satellite serves 48% of TV homes in Uganda, and 55% of TV homes in Tanzania - the rest being fed mostly by terrestrial networks. While 100% of households now receive digital TV signals in Uganda and Tanzania, the study also shows TV growth opportunities as over 50% homes are yet to switch on to TV in both countries.

“SES has been supporting the growth of digital TV in Africa for many years, and expanding the Satellite Monitor study to five African countries is yet another indication of our commitment to the region,” said Clint Brown, Vice President, Sales & Market Development for Africa, SES Video. “The results of the study clearly illustrate the strong role of satellite broadcasting within the television infrastructure, and SES as an enabler to bring digital TV to the highest number of homes. Our goal is to help broadcasters, and content programmers transform growth opportunities into success stories, not only by leveraging the reach of our satellites but also our expertise and our understanding of the broadcasting landscape in the region. Also, we will further support local industry players by providing end-to-end video solutions and help develop and deploy content platforms across Africa.”


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