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Vision 4 Channel To Launch In Togo

Cameroun based television channel Vision 4 will be entering the Togolese market. The introduction of Vision 4 in Togo continues the process of exporting the channel to the continent's audiovisual landscape.

According to the owner, Jean-Pierre Amougou Belinga "We have the financial resources, human resources and skills needed to make us the leader of our industry. We have signed several partnerships in France, we have acquired high definition equipment and have received capital. We also have skilled reporters and qualified technicians to bring our vision to pass.

Togo is a French-Speaking, West African Country with dozens of commercial and community radios, weekly newspapers, and some private TV stations.

History has shown that most of the private media firms in the country find it challenging to live above water financially because of the state-owned broadcaster rake in most of the advertising revenues.

In Togo, the radio remains the most popular medium of information dissemination, especially in rural communities. The most-watched  TV station, Television Togolaise, is operated by the government.

Concerns and efforts to bring about press freedom in the country increased after a penal code that criminalises defamation, and fake-news was introduced in 2015.

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