Angola Prepares For Angosat-2 After First Failed Attempt

Not long after Angola’s first telecom satellite - Angosat-1 - failed soon after reaching orbit, the country is already implementing activities that will help them get a second shot at satellite ownership with the planned launch of Angosat-2 in the year 2020.

The Sub-Saharan nation's government initiated the Angosat project in 2006 and the authorities signed an agreement with Russia to develop the moribund Angosat-1 in 2009.

Now, according to RSC Energia, the Russian Company handling Angosat-2  said: “shortly,  technical parameters of Angosat-2 will be agreed upon, and we’ll begin manufacturing. We will fulfil all contractual obligations required in the development of the satellite communication and broadcasting system of Angola."

Richard Damoah, Assistant Research Scientist at the Sciences and Exploration Directorate of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, said that Angola is among the few African countries that have recently announced a program that would assist in developing their space program with the expectation to launch a satellite in the coming years.

Damoah revealed that:“To coordinate space activities in Africa successfully the African Union member states have decided to establish the  African Space Agency, the first of many steps. Early in 2016, the AU member states adopted the African Space Policy and Strategy during their meeting in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. These member states are currently in the process of deciding where the agency headquarters would be located.”

A statement was released on May 14 by the GGPEN which said that the Angosat-2 would launch in 2020 at no additional cost to Angola.

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