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What You Need To Know About Classifications Of Movies and TV Content In South Africa

The Film and Publication Board (FPB), is the content-classification and censorship authority in South Africa that has the responsibility of registering and classifying media contents (terrestrial and digital) in the country.

For a start, before distributing media contents like a movie, you must register with the FPB and get your content classified. This goes too for internet content providers.

Registering online attracts a fee of is R1,121 while the online renewal of distribution certificates attracts an R152 on a yearly basis. It should be noted that submitting your content for classification draws a fee as well.

To get age rating for a new English-language movie, one would have to pay FPB a sum of R2,243 while film trailers attract an R22 to get classified.

For series, the fee is R2,243 for the first three hours if the content is a foreign production. For shows that run for four hours and more, a charge of R3,577gets to be paid.

Series produced in South African get a discount of R2,243 for the first five hours, while those that run for five hours and more attract a tariff of R3,250.

To classify a Film, a committee in the FPB  usually two examiners and a chief examiner are appointed from a panel of examiners. The classification committee examines these films based on the relevant laws as well as the classification guidelines of the regulatory body.

The classification includes;  Violence (V), Language (L), Sexual violence (SV), Sex (S), Nudity (N), Prejudice (P), Substance abuse (D), Blasphemy (B) Horror (H),  Criminal techniques (CT), and Imitative acts and techniques (IAT).

The regulatory body pointed out that the more frequent and intense a classifiable element is found in the content, the higher the age rating imposed.


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