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Broadcasters View On Audience Measurement and Programme Ratings - Abdul Matee, SABC.

A copy of the presentation delivered by Mr Abdul Matee, General Manager of Sales Operations at the SABC during the International Summit On Advertising For Digital Mulitimedia Broadcast and Media in February 2016 organised by BSP Media International.

What Is Inside This Presentation:

  • Radio and TV; importance of commercial engagement with huge audiences tuning in to either device
  • Challenges with reliable measurement and Ratings Data
  • Stipulations in deviation and inflation especially when looking at shifts in media consumption in  this digital era
  • Dissection of factors that affect ratings be they external or demographic
  • Innovative Solutions for Media Platform Owners and Advertisers; to ensure across all platforms the content has the greatest impact
  • Broadcasters view on audience measurement
  • Broadcasters view on Programme Ratings
  • Broadcasters view on Reliable Measurement
  • Broadcasters view Ratings Data
  • Shift in Media Consumption in SA
  • Ratings Importance for Revenue Generation in SA
  • Spot Selling in SA
  • Broadcasting view on Audience Selling
  • Broadcasting view on TV Viewership
  • Broadcasting view on Radio Listening


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