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Uganda: UCC Raises Pay-TV Licence To USD25,000 (Shs 95 Million)

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has issued a new licencing regime for pay-TV service providers scrapping the disputed Shs550m the regulator had imposed at the start of the year. However, pay TV services providers rejected the proposal sparking a war of words with the regulator warning it would close pay TV service provider that would fail to fulfil the requirement.

However, according to the Ugandan Daily Monitor newspapers, after some negotiations between the parties involved, a new harmonised licencing fee for Pay-tv providers in Uganda is now set at $25,000.

The UCC Executive Director, Mr Godfrey Mutabazi said the reforms came about after several meetings which aimed to realign licencing regime to the Communications Act 2013 that brought Uganda into the digital broadcasting regime in 2015, two years after the international deadline.

In the new licencing regime, pay-TV service providers are required to submit the audited books of their annual account, which the will form the basis of the yearly licence fees for already existing broadcasters.

UCC also have agreed with pay-TV operators that only operators that provide services through Terrestrial, Cable and other transmission infrastructure are mandated to obtain public infrastructure provider PIP licenses; while broadcasters who offer services to final consumers are required to get a Public Service Provider (PSP) License.

Self-provisioning operators, with multiplexing technologies, would need to obtain a PIP and PSP license. Finally, with no physical infrastructure in Uganda are not required to get public infrastructure provider licenses.

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