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DStv Introduces Africa's First Live TV Shopping Channel

DSTV is reported to be launching the first Shopping Channel in Africa channel titled, TV Mall . Presenters and product experts will offer information and educate viewers on a wide range of shopping choices from fashion to furniture, technology, toys, food, fitness among others.

According to CEO of TV Mall: “In an ever-changing digital and retail market-place, we offer viewers with information and presentations that will enable them to make an informed shopping decision. DStv puts our mall into living rooms across South Africa through which viewers can experience a better standard of customer service and fair-value.”

TV Mall is a new concept in Africa where every product has a story as presenters, and product experts get to demonstrate the how the product works for the viewers. The friendly and informative presenters are committed to providing accurate information with a pleasant and soft-selling approach. The channel offers a platform that gives entrepreneurs and innovators the chance to showcase their works to a vast audience. TV Mall will also collaborate with regional commerce departments to expand exposure and increase sale.

While home shopping channels have been filling screens since the 1980’s internationally, online shopping has significantly enriched the home shopping experiences. TV Mall will provide customers the option of making safe purchases online, through a mobile app or through a call centre which runs round the clock.


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