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Kwese TV Unveils Kwese Play and Kwese iFlix Apps In Zimbabwe

Kwesé TV has announced the launch of two applications, Kwesé Play TV and Kwesé iFlix to strengthen its presence in the broadcast space ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

According to Econet, operator of Kwese TV, both apps will enable Kwesé TV’s subscribers to enjoy a variety of TV programs, be anywhere and at any time.

The launch of these applications was made possible through a partnership with Zimbabwean internet provider Zol which powers Econet’s Wifi hotspots, thereby, making it easier for users to have seamless access to the Kwesé Play TV and Kwesé iFlix apps.

According to Kwese TV Zimbabweans can enjoy all the 64 matches that will be happening at the 2018 FIFA World Cup on both applications.

The pay-TV operator, which offers over 50 channels of world-class entertainment and other contents has etched their brand in the minds of many football-loving African residents by making the games available to viewers in different countries through several partnerships.

With the 2018 World Cup fever is rising, Kwese is capitalising on the global event as it has collaborated with many media companies across Africa to bring the highly anticipated football tournament to fans and supporters for next to nothing. Excluding  South Africa, and Kwese TV subscribers who will enjoy all the 64 games, football lovers in countries like Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Malawi, Tanzania, Liberia and Kenya will have access to 32 of the world cup games for free from the comfort of their homes, at bars or viewing centres.

According to media monitors and critics, Kwese is making these move with a deliberate intention to garner as much revenue as possible and having an increased subscribers base in anticipation of the World Cup.


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