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Econet Media Looking To Expand Its Content Delivery Networks (CDN) In Africa

Econet Media, a subsidiary of Econet Group, is set to expand its content delivery networks (CDNs) to host internet-based TV channels such as Netflix and YouTube in Africa.  

This comes after a successful launch of Kwese Play in many West African countries and the demand for high broadband connectivity which is a primary requirement for the video stream.

According to the Executive VP of Econet Media and CEO of Kwese Play, Ryan Solovei, the company has invested in a fibre optic network covering a distance of more than 50,000km including nine countries in Africa.  He further noted that Econet Media aims to update its VOD services on Kwese Play to support different languages, thereby increasing the demand for its CDNs.

Video Streaming services like Kwese Play are made available over high-performance networks such as LTE, ADSL and fibre-to-the-home (FTTH), and can be purchased from retail shops across South Africa.

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