The Africa Channel Joins The 'Busy' Africa's Video Streaming Market

The Africa Channel has announced it will be launching a subscription video-on-demand (VOD) service for the African market. Bringing the platform into a market that is as uncertain as it is hectic.

According to Mr Narendra Reddy, the Executive Vice President and General Manager at the Africa Channel, the platform, to be branded "Demand Africa" will go live on the 1st October with over 300 hours of both original and acquired content. This will rise to 500+ hours of content (in all types of genres) within the first quarter of the platform launch.

Report from the company is that Demand Africa will cost subscribers up to US$7 if they pay monthly, or US$70.00 is the have a yearly subscription. The Africa Channel says that the Demand Africa's platform mission is to "make Africa as it is more accessible to people on the continent as well as those looking at Africa from outside".


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