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NIGERIA: Mobile Phones Will Be The Television Of The Future - Strive Masiyiwa

TV content to be consumed only via mobile phones and tablets in less than 10 years!

Dr Strive Masiyiwa, owner and executive Chairman of Kwese TV has claimed that most, if not all of the TV content will be consumed only from mobile handsets, i.e. mobile phones, tablets.

Dr Masiyiwa made this assertion made during a media industry town - hall meeting in Lagos, Nigeria. His outfit - Kwese TV - is looking to enter the Nigeria's pay-TV sector and a new entrant.

The boss of Kwese and Econet pointed to the fact a lot of global OEM manufacturers are already cutting down on the production of TV sets while ramping-up those of mobile handsets.

Some experts agree with Dr Masiyiwa. According to one industry report, Africa is said to have about 60 million TV households, compared to the 250 million potential smartphones. Once the cost of data becomes affordable, there is the prediction that TV will migrate to mobile handsets on the continent.

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