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Liberia: State Broadcasting Service To Go Off-Air Over Budget And Pay!

It is being reported that the staff and workers of the Liberian Broadcasting Service (LBS) are looking to down tools and take the station off-air in a dispute with the state government over lack of proper funding due to 'low budgetary allotment' by the country's lawmakers.

In a press conference, Liberian Broadcasting Service workers Union represented by the Union president Mr Moses Dobor said that although the LBS employees uphold a national institution that helps broadcast government's policies and programmes are some of the least paid professionals in the country, let alone the Continent.

The contention of the organisation staff is that despite several negotiations and entreaties with the government, they still are treated with disrespect going on the offer they have received from the national budget.

The LBS workers Union urged the government to revisit this situation at the earliest possible time to avoid staff going on strike to secure their demand.


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