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Nigeria: John Momoh, Channel TV Boss, Challenged By Content Aggregator Company

Broadcast Media Africa have learnt that an 'unwanted' feud may be brewing in the Nigeria digital ecosystem between the countries broadcasters and the licensed digital content aggregator.

Reports from Nigeria suggested that the Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria (BON) - the umbrella body of all public and private broadcasters in the country - is "unsure" of the role of companies like Cable Channels Nigeria Limited (CCNL) in the digital broadcasting ecosystem. According to Mr John Momoh (the chairman of BON), the companies can only be seen as "middlemen" who as far as his organisation members are concerned may be an hinderance to the digital migration process.

Responding, Mr Kalada Wilson, the spokesperson for CCNL (the licensed content aggregator and operator of FreeTV Nigeria), commented that the BON Chairman's view may not be well informed. He said that CCNL is, in fact, a vital player in providing Nigerian's with digital broadcast services, in line with what obtains in more developed broadcasting markets the world over.


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