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Security Of Content On Africa's Digital Free-To-Air Broadcasting Is Paramount - Verimatrix

Verimatrix, a leader in provisoning security for digital television services, have said it is paramount for TV operators to take seriously the question of security of digital TV services (especially in a free-to-air environment).

Verimatrix will be addressing this 'seemingly neglected' aspect of broadcasting and media at the forthcoming International Summit on Broadcasting In Nigeria on the 22 - 23 August in Lagos, Nigeria. And ahead of this event, we spoke to Geir Bjornal, VP Internation Strategy (MEA) for Verimatrix. Below is a short excerpt from the conversation:

BMA: Please tell us what you hope will be the take away from your presentation on the topic: Content Security And Protection To Assure Revenue For Broadcasters”.

Geir: Our presentation will discuss the theme such as: Why it makes sense to taking security into account in a Free to Air environment and How to secure revenue in a connected environment
BMA: What future hopes/aspirations do you have for the Nigerian/African broadcasting and media industry?

Geir: Our aspiration is to engage to ensure a healthy media industry where the content owner gets paid for their content so valuable content will be available also in the future.

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