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Packaging Our Stories And Content To High Global Standards Must Be Our Aim! - Anita Erskine

Ms Anita Erskine, Managing Director of Anita Erskine Media, is one of Africa's most influential media executives. She spoke to BMA with regards to her participation at the forthcoming International Summit on Digital Broadcasting In Nigeria on 22nd - 23rd August; she said the new challenge for Africa's story tellers, content producers and publishers is the need to package stories and content in a way that would enable them to 'travel' successfully.

Below are excerpts from our conversation with Ms Erskine:

BMA: Why did you decide to get involved in this International Summit on Digital Broadcasting In Nigeria?  

Anita Erskine: Africa’s Broadcasting landscape is changing rapidly. With evolution comes immense opportunities for all stakeholders in the Content Development, Technical Production and Consumer Satisfaction chain. These opportunities, however, are not necessarily identifiable if we don’t have a clear picture of what the pertinent dimensions are in the industry, on a global level. That is why I got involved in this summit - to share my experience and be part of the larger conversation that ultimately influences our readiness for and of the evolution of Broadcasting in Africa.

BMA: At this summit, you will address the topic “Creation And Delivering Quality Local Content In The Digital Ecosystem - The Producers' Dilemma”. In a couple of sentences, could you please tell us what you hope fellow Summit participants will take away from addressing this issue.

Anita Erskine: I hope to bring some appreciation to what this mammoth creature called Content really looks like, the distinction between the quality and quantity, which tends to be a thorny area for Producers and the global language that Content has to learn to speak in today’s Digital Ecosystem.

BMA: Finally, what future hopes/aspirations do you have for the Nigerian/African broadcasting and media industry?

Anita Erskine: An African is Africa’s best story teller. Increasingly, there is a keen eye on what truly makes our continent exceptional. As the World turns its eyes and twists its ears to the sights and sounds of our collective emergence, we must also learn to package our stories in a way that upholds high global standards, whilst maintaining every unique and authentic element. I hope to use my experience, skill and raw passion to grow Africa’s Media Industry by developing content that does this.

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