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Clyde Broadcast To Reflect On The Challenges And Dynamics Facing The Digitisation of Radio In Africa

Clyde Broadcast - an international supplier of radio equipment - has said a major part of its mission is to help current and new Radio broadcasters across Africa to deal with the challenges and dynamics of the digitisation of Radio broadcasting services.

BMA spoke to Mr Brian Rowan (in charge of developing the African markets) in preparation for the forthcoming International Summit on Broadcasting In Nigeria on the 22 - 23 August in Lagos, Nigeria.

Below is a short excerpt from the conversation:

BMA: Why did you decide to get involved in this International Summit on Digital Broadcasting in Nigeria?

Clyde Broadcast: The organisers have gathered an excellent cross-section of speakers to deliver a variety of insights on digital broadcasting. It is an ideal platform to interact with industry leaders in Nigeria.

BMA: Could you please tell us what you hope fellow Summit participants will take away from addressing the issue in your presentation?
Clyde Broadcast: At the summit, we'd aim to provide an understanding of the challenges and dynamics facing the digitisation of radio, illustrated with very relevant case studies from our global experiences. Summit's participants will have an ideal opportunity to bring themselves up to speed with the latest developments in this sector.
BMA: What future aspirations do you have for the Nigerian/African broadcasting and media industry?
Clyde Broadcast: We hope to see the main pillars of the industry – broadcasters, regulators, and integrators – pulling together to create an environment for continuous broadcasting.

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