Digital Migration

Digital Migration: Will Nigeria Meet The June 2017 Deadline Date?

After missing the original deadline for the migration of broadcasting signals from analogue to digital as set by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Nigeria set a new internal deadline of June 2017. Now, as June 2017 is here, the entire industry is wondering if indeed, the country is ready to switch-off analogue signal at the end of the month.

For many stakeholders, two crucial issues still rankle, and they are:

- The issue of sufficient public awareness: are 'all' Nigerians fully aware and informed? And secondly;

- The issue of universal access and the distribution of set-top boxes: does everyone now have access to digital TV signals?

Should the authorities believe that both or one of the issues above is not in the affirmative, then, the question becomes whether June 2017 deadline is still viable? And if not, what options do authorities have.

One thing is sure; deadline dates cannot be reset in perpetuity? Digital Broadcasting Africa will monitor and report on developments.

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