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South Africa: Content Creators Want SABC 90 Percent Local Content Policy Continued

South Africa Creative Workers Union (Cwusa) is pleading with South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)'s interim board to consider carefully, and engage extensively, with all stakeholders before it takes the decision to axe the 90% local content policy. Cwusa is the umbrella body for local artist and content creators in the country.

Ms Joy Mbewana, Cwusa's General Secretary, in a statement said that the group does not believe the SABC's 90% local content policy has failed. Rather, it is, as always, the way the system was implemented that was the issue.

Cwusa therefore is urging the new board not only to keep, but also actively promote, the 90% local content policy - saying that South African artists must be enabled to "tell their stories in their language".


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