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The Popularity Of Mobile Money And Mobile Content On The Rise In Africa

In recent years the African continent has seen the growing convergence between mobile money platforms and mobile content providers.

As mobile operators improve at acting as both bank and broadcaster through their mobile money operations and content platforms, African banks are themselves in competition for customers and therefore have to find new and innovative ways to operate.

Smartphones throughout Africa are rapidly becoming the ‘new TV’, and also the ‘new wallet’. Recent studies have shown that most people who use the internet in Africa access it via their cellphone.

However, if one really wants to peek into the future of mobile content and mobile money, have a look at France’s Orange telecommunications and Orange Studios who are on a mission to take over the entire content value chain in Africa.

The French company is opening cinemas chains making content available digitally, with Orange Studios putting its efforts into boosting production and distribution across Africa, where the TV and film division of France’s leading telco operator, Orange, has a fast-growing footprint.

Orange Studio has various African film projects that are in different stages of development, with the aim of producing six to ten of those films per year across the continent, as well as venturing into TV production, with its first TV series in Burkina Faso. Orange Studio has also collaborated with Orange Senegal to develop TV content in the West African country.

In late 2018, Orange and MTN launched Mowali: a continent-wide mobile money joint venture, which enables users to transfer money between mobile money accounts regardless of the network provider.

As the worlds of mobile content and mobile money continue to merge, it should be interesting to see how these platforms will compete with the key players in the streaming space in the battle for viewers and content.

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