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Africa OTT TV And Video-On-Demand (VoD) Summit

The international Summit on OTT TV and Video on-Demand - Africa is designed to explore VoD services delivery and monetisation opportunities in Africa, and will seek to provide a clear market-view and explore the industry dynamics related to real opportunities from within the region.

It will bring together major players within Africa and the wider global OTT and VoD ecosystem to share their experiences and insights on the rapid development of this industry.

Themes, Issues and Ideas
- Reviewing monetisation opportunities for content on existing platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Google, Vimeo, Periscope, Meerkat etc
- Aside from the existing platforms, what other avenues exist for generating revenue from OTT services?
- Case example of some revenue/monetisation plans such as freemium, data monetisation and sponsored content
- Evaluating frameworks that determining price points for various offerings
- Creating and offering bundles to attract maximum revenue per user
- Effective use of geo-aligned promotions - the need to understand where your viewers are
- Advertising driven OTT and VOD services - how will it work for players in Africa?
- Subscription might be preferred - but what is best for your market?
- Examining the difference between the SVOD revenue model vs online movie rentals
- The dynamics of offering local/regional originated content and shows
- Leveraging customer insight to provide content and services the market really want
- Establishing profitable partnerships with platform owners, publishers, content aggregators and distributors
- Understanding content delivery networks (CDN) and their monetisation strategies
- Examining strategies for entering the OTT and content services market
- Sourcing the rights to original and exclusive content
- Capitalising on their super-fast broadband capabilities
- Leveraging service innovation to differentiate drive market leadership


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